What are PPC Advertising Networks and How Can They Be Beneficial?

PPC advertising networks, also called ad networks, are a middleman between advertisers and content publishers that post their ads on their websites. These networks exist to make it easier for businesses to deliver their messages to targeted groups of customers. It’s possible to achieve this without the assistance of the ‘middleman’, but it will take considerably more time, effort, and resources. To explain this simply, ad networks are like ‘private’ versions of the Google Display Network. Some examples in New Zealand are private networks on Stuff, Trade Me, George FM and NWR.

ppc ad network

Example of an Ad in a network on

The efficiency of PPC ad networks makes them beneficial for all three parties involved in the transaction, which is the reason for their growing popularity. The advertisers get an assurance that their messages would be posted on relevant websites, and they don’t have the need to conduct a massive research to pinpoint these pages as well as contacting every one of their owners directly.

Content publishers benefit from associating with PPC advertising networks by receiving a steady flow of ads and commissions for every click. They don’t need to look for individual clients and invite them to post ads on their websites. This can be a huge boost for beginner bloggers as they don’t have the reputation to attract major businesses yet.

There are three different types of ad networks and understanding them will allow you to pick the one that would work the best for your business. Note that the costs vary depending on the network type.

Blind networks.

This is the cheapest option available, but it’s also the least efficient one. When you post your ads through these networks, you get no control over where they appear. Targeting is the vital element of advertisement success. Therefore, your efforts might be wasted as people who visit those pages might be completely uninterested in the products you offer.

Vertical networks.

This type of PPC advertising network is more effective because it offers some measure of targeting. In this case, your ads would be posted on the websites that match your business category (for example, autos, machinery, electronics, etc.). They are sure to generate more traffic and give a higher chance of conversions.

Targeted networks.

These PPC advertising networks offer the ultimate ad targeting experience as the pages for your messages picked specifically based on consumer behavior, website context, and other relevant factors. However, this is also the most expensive option, so it might be unavailable for many small businesses. As an owner, you’ll need to weight the costs against the possible benefits in order to decide whether this advertising tool is worth the investment.

PPC networks can give you good targeted brand exposure at a low cost. If you would like to find out more, give us a call on 0800 833 878.