Another Unconfirmed SEO Algorithm Update: Fred

SEO’s around the globe are reporting fluctuations from yesterday morning, specifically on Webmaster World forum. So far this update has not been confirmed by Google but has been named ‘Fred’ as Gary Illeys (coined the ‘House Elf and Chief of Sunshine and Happiness at Google’, however we believe is he a Search Quality Analyst.) Tweeted in jest that all algorithms from now on will be named Fred. See the Tweet here.

Speculation is around this being back-link related, but is part of the core algorithm and therefore not Penguin related. This follows on from another link update in early February which was also unconfirmed by the Search Engine. These unconfirmed updates seem to be a trend now and we think that most won’t be confirmed moving forward. Maybe is wasn’t an update and was a bug? Only Google knows. John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google) has previously stated on Twitter that, ‘Yes, we make changes almost every day.’

We have not noticed anything with our clients rankings, however some webmasters were reporting large rankings drops and some saw some of their website pages being completed delisted. Some then reported that the rankings came back up while others didn’t. There are some great screen shot of SEO tools showing the current ranking fluctuations volatility here.

Like with all updates we’re left with a lot of questions. What are the full repercussions? What has it focused on specifically? time will tell.

Has your websites rankings or traffic been hit? We’re interested to know if this has affected any NZ websites. Drop us a line if so!