The Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

social media mistakes nz

It may feel like you can barely remember a time before Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but, in the realm of the marketing world, we have only just begun utilising them to their true potential. This is why it’s not uncommon for brands to fumble when growing their awareness – it’s one thing to post on your personal account, but to engage an entire audience of potential customers online? That’s a different game altogether. Here are some simple, yet common, mistakes that brands can make when managing their social media marketing campaigns.

Here’s a no brainer – people use different social media platforms for different reasons. This means that the content they’re willing to engage with on Facebook is not the same content they’re looking for on Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter. For this reason, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is sharing all of your posts uniformly across all platforms. Taking the time to research the best marketing techniques for each one will prove useful, as will analysing your engagement over time to gather a more in-depth understanding of what your specific followers are looking for. Once you take the time to understand your audience, it will become far easier to create interesting, engaging content that will strengthen your marketing campaign.

Humans are relatively simple creatures. When we’re scrolling through our news feeds, we are usually looking for something that seems interesting and worth our attention. That’s why on certain platforms photographs, videos and other great visuals are important to utilise – they catch the eye and, subsequently, the attention of your audience. Strategically using pictures to accompany links and other important information can help to drive engagement up and set your page apart from the rest which, ultimately, is what you want to achieve with your social page.

In order to build brand awareness across social media, you have to put in the hard yards. Whether you have 5 or 5000 followers on your platform, you can’t expect your audience to stay engaged or, much less, grow even further if you don’t frequently post content for them to connect with. When time and resources are stretched, this can be an easy mistake to make. However, if you consider social media marketing to be an integral part of your brand’s growth – which you should – then posting strategically formulated content on your platform multiple times per week should be a priority. This maintains a regular presence on the news feeds of your followers and allows them to become familiar with your brand. Trust us, once you have an engaged army of followers, that’s when the magic starts to happen.