It’s Time to Start Using Amazon Sponsored Ads

As an Ecommerce business, it’s important to get your products in front of as many eyes as possible. So, if you’re already on Google Shopping and the Display Network, as well as Facebook and Instagram, it’s time to break into Amazon, one of the largest online ad networks available for selling products online. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Amazon sponsored ads and how your business can take advantage of them.

What Are Amazon Sponsored Ads?

Just like Google Search (or any online platform, realistically speaking), when you type in a keyword and the results appear, some of the top results will be sponsored posts. These posts are considered Amazon ads. And just like other sponsored posts on other platforms, you bid for your spot.
Amazon also offer display ads that can appear on different pages throughout their website, as well as on other websites, very similar to the Google Display Network. Which style of ad you should use depends on your products and the type of campaign you want to run, although a mixture of the both can be beneficial.

The Best Ads Are Well Thought Out

As with every other platform out there, it’s all well and good making some ads, but how do you get them to stand out? When it comes to Amazon, we recommend creating a well-structured campaign sorted by product category.

If you sell bags, for example, separate them between handbags, backpacks and other types. Your ad copy should also be specific to the type. Describe the exact product the user is searching and create a sense of urgency. Make them feel they need your product – now. Limited time promotions can help with this.
We also suggest bidding on competitors that sell similar products. If people are searching for “Osprey backpacks” you can target this keyword and run ads to showcase your backpacks as an alternative. If you’re not sure who your competitors are, do a generic search on Amazon for your products and see which brands come up most in the search results.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

There are 300 million Amazon users worldwide and that number just keeps on growing. With that much domain authority, it’s difficult for small businesses to get their websites ranking higher than Amazon on Google’s SERPs. By joining Amazon, you’re likely to see a natural improvement in your own rankings on Google, but you’re also going to get your products in front of a whole new audience.