4 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Display Remarketing

tips for google remarketing

Remarketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage with your users. Why? There are 2 main reasons. The first is that your getting BACK in front users that have already been to your website and interacted with your brand. The second is that graphics are emotional. You can use the imagery and graphics in the designs to tell the story of your product or service, and moving images capture uers attention. Here are 4 ways to stop wasting money on Remarketing.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when implementing this digital stream is by designing ‘generic’ ads. By generic, we mean vague branded ads that aren’t specific to the user that has just been on your website. Instead, we recommend that the strategy is to show relevant ads to the correct user. Create multiple lists based on services or products that users visited on your website, then design ads that have an appropriate offer for that user. This can get very granular, but the pay-off should be higher click-through rates and higher conversions.

Following on from the point above, there are many different stages of the buying cycle for most businesses. Make sure you have Remarketing lists for the different stages. You can use segmentation to set sequences for the lists in the Audience Builder. This way, you can display ads that are more relevant to the user, based on their position in the buying cycle. But don’t forget to add conditions so that they won’t see ads from multiple lists!

Most people can’t think of anything more annoying than visiting a website, signing up, and purchasing a product only to be stalked around the web for the next 60 days by their display ads. Analytics allows you (using segmentation) to exclude users that have triggered a conversion or action. Use this feature to your advantage. If you are using the CPM setting then you will be paying for these impressions, so making sure that you’re ads aren’t coming up for someone that has already converted will save you money!

Frequency capping allows you to limit the number of times your display ads are served to a single user. This is really important because being top of mind is one thing, but pestering your potential customer is a whole other ball game. Frequency capping allows you to set the amount of times that your ads are served to a user during a particular timeframe.

Different industries will want to set their caps at different levels. For example, if your target demographic is someone who spends a lot of the day connected to the internet, you are going to want to set your daily cap quite low. Conversely, if your target demographic is someone who may not spend much time on the computer, then the cap is not so important.

In conclusion, it pays to have a very clear pathway that you want your user to take before implementing your Display Remarketing. Google Analytics offers very powerful targeting features. Use them to your advantage!