The 2 sides of SEO That Make Sense

Over the last 5 years working in Digital Marketing and specialising in SEO, often when I meet people or speak with a client for the first time they ask me; what is SEO and what do you actually do??

The common misconception that to get a listing on page 1 of Google, you need to search for a phrase hundreds of times, scroll through to the page that the website is sitting on and click through to that website. That moves the website up the rankings up?

Whilst SEO is a lot more complicated than that, I have come up with some good analogies (the best way to describe technical things to non-technical people) and a 2 prong explanation of what makes up the basics of SEO. Relevancy and Authority.

First things first. To appear on the first page of a search engine, said search engine needs to see that your website is relevant for the desired phrase. Every time a user performs a search, the algorithm sorts through millions of websites and in the split second finds the websites that it thinks are relevant to the search. How do I make sure this is clear to the robots crawling my site? This is simple: the words or phrases that you would like your website to appear for need to the mentioned on your website! Google and other engines can’t watch videos or see images, only read text. What’s so hard about that then? Well, the hard part about the Relevancy side-of-things is that the phrases need to be mentioned enough times, but not too many times and in the right places. This is where the experts come in. They will review, audit, strategise and implement the changes on the website to make sure it’s search engine friendly and everything is in the right place. This brings us to the second but equally important side of search engine optimisation…

Authority or how authoritive your business appears to search engines is the second important factor in climbing up the rankings. How does one get more authority to their website? Simply put, Google and other engines look to how many other sites are linking to your site. These links or ‘back links’ act as online commendations and show that other people/ sites are talking about and endorsing your business website. The second part that is taken into consideration by the algorithm that occurs when someone searches is which websites have the most authority once the relevancy has been established. The top 10 sites that appear on page 1 are the 10 that Google see as a) the most relevant and b) have the most votes. Right, so can’t I just get heaps of easy links or buy these links for authority? No!

Building strength to your site needs to be performed by a specialist to ensure the right links are built and in the right places. Bad quality back-links can have a negative effect and not a positive on.

There are hundreds of factors that can and do influence rankings, but Relevancy and Authority make sense! To find out more about how Results First can help you get your website onto page 1 of Google, call us any time on 0800 878 833.