Branding: Going Back to Basics

Sometimes a business’s message can get lost amongst all the bells and whistles. In this post, we’re going to explore what it means to go back to basics and show you that although a flashy name/logo/site can be beneficial, a strong foundation is paramount to your brand’s success.

Setting the scene

What does a change in scenery, pizza and coloured markers have to do with brainstorming success? Brainstorming is essential and it really doesn’t have to be a boring drawled out process. Liven up dull brainstorming sessions by getting out of the office, ordering takeout and breaking out the coloured markers; in doing so you will boost team morale and by extension, results. Positive energy fuels creativity and creativity fuels brand success.

What are the key elements that make up a successful brand brainstorming session? So you’ve ordered pizza, taken the brainstorming to the roof and equipped your team with circa 90s Connector Pens, what’s next? Let’s talk story, strategy, position and personality – and what they mean to your brand.

Story, position and personality

Try thinking of your brand as a person. What’s their story? What are their traits? These are key components that will help you choose fonts, colours and visual elements, develop the perfect tone of voice and create strong positioning statements to use throughout your brand content. Not sure where to start? Ask yourself, how does your company interact with its demographic? This is an essential question that will make nurturing your brand’s personality a much more natural process.

Adapting your unique personality into brand strategy

To have a powerful strategy means that your customers know exactly what you are about and what you can offer them. If your costumers have a clear image of your company and its services, it will make it a lot easier for you to create a dialogue between sales teams and prospects.

What do you need to keep in mind for Digital Marketing when branding?

It’s important to keep in mind ‘keywords’ that fit into your business name when branding as this can have an effect on your website domain and content. For example, if you are a cleaning business that focuses on eco and environmentally friendly cleaning services, you might call your company ‘Eco Green Cleaning’ with associated colours and branding. You would probably purchase the domain which is keyword rich.

This can also effect your content ‘keyword density’ though. If you’re mentioning Eco Green Cleaning all over your website, this can make your copy too dense with keywords. This is where the help of a Digital Strategist can help.

The strategy and process of branding is invaluable; this is not new information, but by applying the brand elements we’ve discussed with you today you’ll strengthen your chances of standing out amongst competitors. If you’d like some advice about branding and what’s best for digital, contact the team at Results First!