The Perfect Union: PPC and SEO

For a long time it was either SEO or AdWords. Some ‘sales people’ will push or advise businesses to do one or the other based on their prerogative. There are several advantages of having an online marketing strategy that includes both! Organic and paid results are not enemies. In fact , they are the perfect union. Let us explain.

SEO future-proofs your business – it’s a long term strategy to ensure you appear organically in the search results where people are looking, when they are looking for you. Most people that use Google these days understand that they rank businesses on page 1 that are relevant for the phrase that they have searched, but are also authorititive. If they started putting bad quality or irrelevant sites up for searches, people would stop using the Engine. We also know that only a very small percentage of people stray lower than page 1 in many industries, so acquiring page 1 positions for phrases that your potential customers or clients are searching is vital.

Because it’s a ‘long term strategy’, it takes time to get you ranking for a certain keyword (anywhere from 1-12 months depending on how competitive the term is). Because Google has algorithm updates and your competitors are also most-likely engaging in Search Engine Optimisation, there are always fluctuations.
At the commencement of any SEO campaign, thorough key phrase research is performed however any marketer won’t know if those phrases convert into leads or sales until they’re bringing in traffic.

This is where the PPC steps in. Your business needs leads and sales to survive, and Google Adwords can be setup very quickly to bring in traffic fast. Other advantages include:

  • Customisable Ad Copy. AdWords offers the ability to have customised copy in your ads, unlike SEO which needs to be more geared to best practice
  • Market ‘sales’ or ‘specials. Expanding on the above, having more control of the text allows you to market deals, sales and specials
  • Can be used seasonally. Unlike SEO which needs to be constantly worked on and maintained, PPC (not just AdWords but other channels such as Facebook Ads and Banner Ads) can be turned on and off which is great for seasonal businesses
  • It’s great for testing. A broader range of phrases can be implemented in pay-per-click because of geographical targeting, so we can use the learnings and data from this channel to organic campaigns.

It costs money, real dollars, every time someone clicks on your Ad. Also, depending on industry, those clicks can be expensive. The main disadvantage is that if you stop paying for clicks, the Ads come down and so does your traffic, leads and sales.

If only there was a solution that could turn these high converting keywords into free clicks for you…..

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the perfect union. Just like a real life relationship, each party has their gaps and a perfect union occurs when each party fills the gaps of the other.

It’s time to start filling your gaps. If this approach interests you, contact a digital strategist at Results First on 0800 878 833 today!