The Social Media Checklist

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With the social media boom, companies are able to contact and interact with their customers easier than ever. The pressure to post and stay on top of the never-sleeping world of social media may seem daunting, however there is a simple checklist of requirements to have a successful social media page.

  • Be careful not to ignore the “social” aspect of social media. Take the time to respond to the messages and comments from consumers on your page – they have reached out to you, it’s time to return the favour.
  • Customers may message or comment on your page, however they will also talk about your brand elsewhere. Monitor the mentions of your brand through the search tool on any social media. This makes it easier to know what the public are saying about you, and if there are any issues that need addressing.
  • Social media is always changing, with new platforms constantly being launched. Stay informed about these changes, as you could miss some critical information to help your campaign.
  • While your company has office hours, the internet does not. Most sites will allow you to schedule your posts into the future, allowing your brand to have a constant presence online.
  • When posting online, be sure to hashtag your posts. Consumers tend to search hashtags on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. By tagging your posts, you are making your page discover-able to customers looking for similar products.
  • Posting about topics creates a healthy dialogue with your customers, however try to find a way to link back to your business’s website or services. While this does not have to be done with every post, it will aid in creating traffic to your website.
  • The reality about social media is that behind every account, there is a person, or group of people. Strive to interact and have fun with your consumers and remind them that while you’re a business – you are also human. This will create a friendly relationship, making them more likely to remember your company when searching for products.

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