6 Pun-tastic Tips For Christmas Email Marketing

xmas email marketing tips

Want to send out a last-minute Christmas email to your database? It’s not too late! Make sure you take these pun-tastic email marketing tips into consideration before hitting send!

The email subject is so important for all EDMs, but everyone’s inboxes become so full (especially at this time or year) so it’s vital to get this right. Make sure your email stands out like Rudolf’s nose by ensuring it’s engaging, emotive, original and intriguing. We need to entice all readers to want to open the email and not send to trash.

Once your target has clicked through, make sure it’s clear to the user what your offer/ special/ deal or message is, as well as what their next action is. Adding click-through’s to your website or landing pages is key. You only have a few seconds to catch their attention so make ‘calls to action’ strong, and the incentive valuable enough for your potential customer or client to find out more or take action.

It can be easy to get carried away with adding sparkly GIF tinsel and pictures of Elves into emails around Christmas. Take a step back and think about your branding. There are other ways that you can portray Christmas, the holidays and the time of year without snowmen and reindeer.

Just like old Mr. Claus can fit down any size chimney, your email should be able to be viewed on all devices. This goes for the email, as well as any landing pages that the email clicks through to.

Always, always check your email for spelling and grammar. Be thorough like Santa and check it twice!

There are 12 days of Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you need to email your database every day! Only send emails that are of value and not for the sake of it, otherwise you may receive a lot of ‘unsubscribes’.

A good email marketing campaign is crucial in the lead-up to the busiest trading period of the year. Test, split-test, test some more and always learn and improve. There will always be Christmas again next year. Need some help? Get in touch on 0800 878 833 today.