6 Tips For Creating Successful Facebook Posts

Facebook marketing may sound simple at face value, but the complexities delve deeper into the human psyche than most would expect. So here I pose a question to thee: How does one mould social media to the minds of an audience? How does one generate tangible results from addressing a Facebook user in his or her spare time? Of course there is never a golden rule or guaranteed outcome, but there are some tips and tricks that can help.

What do you want to achieve? What is the point of this Facebook post? These are the questions you should be asking yourself at the very beginning to allow yourself to branch out to the who-what-where-why brainstorming. On top of deciding what you want to get out of your online efforts, you should be thinking about the kind of people the post is aiming to attract and engage.

If the purpose of your post is to generate a reaction, then there should be a way to facilitate or direct someone to react in the desired way. Include something that will spur an action from your audience – generally, the more specific, the better.
Text like ‘tell us what you think’ encourages people to get involved, however it is so open ended that it may not give a specific point of discussion and may therefore lack direction in generating a specific result.

Certain techniques of baiting a response is to ask a very simple, specific question, such as:

  • Simple multi-choice, e.g. ‘Do you think A or B?’
  • Fill in the blank, e.g. ‘The one thing I can’t live without is _____’
  • Photo caption, e.g. ‘Caption this picture’

The most eye-catching, attention-grabbing part of a post is its picture. People are much more likely to notice and engage a post if there is a visual element to it. If the picture is the centerpiece of the post, and is one that appeals to your audience, it could lead to people liking, commenting, and sharing your post, meaning a ‘word of mouth’ situation may arise that is likely to add to public awareness of your brand.

A link, though it is not as attention-grabbing, is important in a different sense – it can lead to another level of interaction, or the next step in your sales/interaction process.

Keep it short, sharp, and sweet. People generally don’t engage with a post if it is overburdened by lengthy text or something that requires a lot of time or effort to interact with. There is a huge amount of information that a person is exposed to on social media, and a user may only dedicate a few seconds to each item they see. Because of this small window, you need to be quick in delivering your point of interest. Use strong, relevant keywords, and don’t dance around the point you’re trying to make.

Be careful that your Facebook page doesn’t become a perpetual infomercial channel. People can get bored or mistrusting if you are constantly trying to sell them something. Sometimes the best way to interact with your audience is to be seen as a reliable source of information – a specialist of knowledge in an industry or area. If you deliver your audience something of value, that’s useful or entertaining, without expecting something in return every time, then people will begin to trust or value you and will be more likely to give you their spare time. A good rule of thumb is to have a 30-70 split of promotional content to value-add content.

Your Facebook page is an extension of your business, and should be treated as such. Humour, provocative material, and other content that may have controversial aspects to it, should be relevant to your brand, and caution is advised when using any content that could provoke a negative reaction.
Every post you make is a representation of your brand. Show your audience that you understand what they like and what they want, and allow your posts to reflect the ‘personality’ of your business.

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