Tips for utilising Instagram for your business in 2017

You might be already on top of SEO, AdWords and other online streams, but Instagram is one of most powerful platforms when it comes to promoting displaying visual content for your business. As of June 2016, Instagram has over 500 million active users according to Statista, and many big brands are utilising it Worldwide. If you’re not already, integrating this platform into your online marketing strategies could be a great way to go in 2017.

Here are some tips to consider to lure views, followers, exposure (and hopefully sales!) using Instagram:

Think about your image, voice and branding

Before setting up your account, think about your brand voice. We recommend doing this before entering into form of social media to ensure your posts are consistent to your brand. The main things to think about are:

  • The character/ persona that you want to portray eg. Trustworthy, warm, industry leader
  • The tone of your posts eg. Fun, cheeky, authoritative
  • The language that you want to use eg. Kiwi colloquial, short and sharp
  • The purpose of using the stream eg. To engage, to educate, to increase awareness

If you would like help with this, give us a call and a team member will aid you. We have a template that we can send over also.


Make sure your profile is a Business Profile

In June 2016, Instagram rolled out Business Profiles which are a little different to your standard personal profile. Business Profiles allow you to have a contact button so that your customers or clients can get in touch with you via email, phone or text. It also gives you access to Insights on Instagram to provide you with information on interactions, learn more about the behaviour of demographics and more.


Use #Hashtags to widen your reach

Including relevant Hashtags are a vital element of your post. Placing a # at the front of a word or words helps users to find images that relate to that topic when doing a search. In doing this, you will be able to get your images in-front of a wider audience and users that are not already following you.

We recommend using a mix of broad hashtags (such as #NZ, #newzealand #instadaily) and more specific ones also (such as #nzbusiness, #kiwiproducts etc). Always keep them relevant to your post.

Additional tip: You can leave a separate comment with many hashtags below your main caption so that if you’re posting to other social media streams, user won’t be able to see an unsightly amount of #’s!

See Mashable’s Beginners Guide to Hashtags here.

Engage your business with the Instagram Community

Liking and commenting on other people’s photos helps grow your own following as people often reciprocate. Sharing videos or images from events can also help your followers feel like they are part of your community. Don’t forget to ‘follow’ other leaders, businesses and other relevant users. To do this, use the ‘search function’. Other users will have used hashtags (as mentioned above) to help you find them!

Extend the reach of your posts using Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads allow your business to advertise your pictures and videos to increase awareness outside of your follower base. These need to be strategic and done in the ‘right way’ as blatant advertising has drawn some backlash from the IG community in the past. For help, give us a call.

Instagram can be a great way of harnessing social awareness for your business, especially if you’re in a very visual field. With new users signing up every day and the platform making it easier for businesses, 2017 is a perfect time to start integrating it into your digital strategy.