Twitter can help you better identify and refine your target audience, increasing brand growth, leads and sales – all in 140 characters or less!

Twitter Management & Advertising in NZ

There are 310 million active users on Twitter every month. Leverage the power of Twitter marketing and promote your brand to the right audiences. With Results First, you’ll be able to develop a strategic Twitter ad campaign that puts your ad where it will matter most, to drive traffic to your website.

Our talented performance media strategists will match your business goals with your target audience and tone to create and place a series of ads that command attention. Our whole process is infused with precise attention to detail and strategic thinking, giving you unprecedented success throughout your whole campaign.

Even more important is our rigorous approach to reporting. We provide transparent and easy-to-understand information as to the success of your campaign, so you can keep on track and align your business goals accordingly. Dedicated to your ongoing success, we’re able to provide you the tools you need to make smarter decisions in the midst of an influx of digital technology.

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Results First are results first

We’re NZ locals, having been on the ground among local businesses for years. With endless experience promoting companies, using strategic Twitter ads and Twitter marketing, we’re able to create the buzz you want for your business and attract the attention your website deserves.

Our performance media team is ready to create a targeted Instagram or Twitter management plan to drive traffic and create attention for your site. Call us on 0800 878 833 to start a strategic conversation.


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