Twitter Tips for Small Business

Is using Twitter for your business something that you’ve thought about but can’t really wrap your head around? It’s a great platform for B2B, and industries where networking and ‘influencers’ are important. We’ve put together some tips to help you start your Twitter journey.

Getting Started

Business Brand Account or Personal Account?

When it comes to Twitter, there are two ways that you can go. Is it best for your account to be for your business (as is, your Twitter username and account setup as your business name) or would it be more effective for you personally to have an account to drive as an authoritative figure in your field? In some industries, you can make more found on Twitter by positioning yourself as a thought-leader and expert in your niche.
Of course, you can do both!

Setting up your Profile

Ensure you set your profile photo and profile background with on-brand, professional imagery. There is also a 160 word description that you can utilise to introduce yourself or the business that can include keywords(for Twitter search). Always:

  • Set a link back to your website
  • Make sure the profile isn’t set to private!

Follow Industry Related Accounts

Like Instagram, Twitter relies on you ‘following’ others and them ‘following’ you in return. To do this, use the ‘Twitter Search’ bar in the top right-hand side and use keywords relating to your business. You should then be taken to a page with relevant results and a bar at the top. Click on ‘People’ and simply click on the ‘Follow’ button. See image below:

The more people you can follow, the more you can show up on their radar and hopefully they will follow you back. Following other users is an important part of growing your own followers. Retweeting and sharing other users content also goes a long way!

Engage Your Audience

Like with any form of social media, you don’t want to be always talking about your products and only promoting your products/ services. Provide content, images and videos that are relevant to your industry but are still engaging. Engage with other Accounts too, by commenting on threads and conversations.

Use (but don’t over-use) the Hashtag!

Highlighting important phrases with hashtags can help your tweets and account be found more, but over-using them can make things hard to read. Research has shown that 2 hashtags per tweet are optimal.

Graphic from Social Media Today

So get tweeting today! Of course you can also run Twitter Advertising to get in-front of even more prospective customers. For more tips or help with Twitter or anything else digital related, get in touch with our team on 0800 878 833 today.