Video Uploads Available in Google My Business

Last June we posted about the addition of Google Posts

and there were other features launched to improve Google My Business (GMB).

On the 12/01/2018, Alison Wright from the GMB Team announced that, ‘officially launched videos in the Google My Business Photos Dashboard! Merchants can now view videos added by customers and upload videos about their the business for customers to view.’ So not only can business owners add footage, but customers can also.

The maximum length of a video that can be uploaded is 30 seconds. Uploading them into the GMB dashboard is simple and easy however the clip can take up to 24 hours to appear.

Merchants will also have the ability to flag ‘inappropriate’ videos, with support and notifications of new uploads coming soon.

Roughly a week after this roll-out some users were having difficultly seeing their videos, and Google then confirmed there was a bug which they’re currently trying to fix. For more on that, see this blog from Search Engine Land.

We’ve put together some instructions on how to upload below:

The first step is to login to your Google My Business page

Click on Photos, then Videos, then ‘Post Videos’.

From there you can select the video file or ‘drag and drop’. It may take some time to upload and appear in your account.