Dedicated Servers Vs. VPS Web Hosting: Pros and Cons

Whatever kind of business you run, good hosting is essential for it to succeed. There are several options to choose from so you should consider the pros and cons of each carefully. Today we’ll compare a dedicated server with VPS web hosting.

As its name states, a dedicated server is just that, a server dedicated to your website alone. A cloud hosting, on the other hand, is a kind of server that has its own operating system as well as server resources. However, it’s ‘located’ on a bigger server. In essence, VPS hosting is a variety of shared hosting, but it offers the benefits of server root access, isolated environment, and dedicated resources.

Regular shared hosting definitely won’t be an option as your business starts growing, so a dedicated server or VPS would be your best bet.

A VPS hosting is a perfect middle ground between a shared server and a dedicated one. It allows for much flexibility and efficiency when it comes to CPU productivity, disk space, and traffic capacity.

Depending on the size of your business and the kind of VPS plan you get, this kind of hosting can meet your needs perfectly. One of its biggest advantages is its reasonably low price, which enables even small businesses to benefit from these amazing resources.

However, you need to remember that no matter its capacity, a VPS hosting still offers you only a part of a single server. Therefore, it’ll be impossible to make some of the finer adjustments to your server settings to customise its performance.

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Unlike VPS web hosting, a dedicated server is all yours, so you can fine-tune and manage it however you see fit. Its capacity and efficiency are the highest available, so this type of hosting is the right choice for big businesses and those that plan to expand fast.

As dedicated servers are considered a premium service, they usually come with a special treatment and the highest quality of customer support attached. However, a great hosting provider will treat all its customers with an equal level of care.

The only drawback of this service is the price as dedicated servers aren’t cheap, so they might be out of your grasp at the moment.

Both options can be good for you, so answer this question based on your budget and ambitions. Think how much you can get your business to grow over the next 12 months and choose the appropriate ‘size’ of hosting.