What are micro-moments in Digital Marketing?


If it’s one thing that Search Engines like to be on-top of it, it’s trends in consumer behaviour. The rise of mobile device usage is driving fundamental change in the way that online users consume media and information. This year, Google has spoken a lot about ‘micro-moments’ and how they’re contributing to changes in consumer behaviour. So what are they and how do they relate to my business and the agile digital landscape?

What are micro-moments?

According to Google, a micro-moment is any time someone instinctively reaches for a device (increasingly mobiles and tablets) to act on a need to find something, learn something, watch something, show someone something etc. In the words of Google, they are ‘intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.’

Of course for marketers and business owners, it’s when a potential client or customer needs something or wants to purchase something that is most important when it comes to micro-moments.

Smartphones have become a powerful computer that can be accessed as easily as pulling it out of your pocket or handbag. They are near us at all times – on the couch, at work, at the park and when socialising. We now reach for these and expect them to immediately deliver us with exactly what we’re looking for, when we want it.

For example, it’s 8pm and you’re hungry and there’s no food in the fridge. In this micro-moment, you will most likely grab your mobile and search for a) a pizza shop nearby that delivers or b) look up your local New World or Countdown to make sure they’re open.

How does this relate to my business?

No matter what industry that your business is in, the chances are that at some stage a potential client or customer will have a micro-moment and be in need of your product or service. Some examples of the types of businesses that can capitalise on MM’s are:

  • Emergency trade services ie. Emergency plumbers
  • Businesses that operate out-of-hours ie. Pharmacies that are open after hours
  • Restaurants/ cafes/ takeaway outlets
  • Anyone that sells products that people need in a flash ie. Florists

But really, if you offer a product or service that someone searches for you can start thinking about what those micro-moments might be.

We will be posting a series of blog about micro-moments over the coming weeks, so check back for more information on how your business can harness the power of MMs, and some examples of businesses that already are!