What Is Google Data Studio?

If you’re a business owner or an employee that isn’t a digital marketer but has been handed the job of managing the online marketing suppliers, you probably want and crave data but don’t know how to use Google Analytics (GA). Let’s face it, it’s not the easiest tool to find what you need to see and sometimes without knowing exactly what to look at, the red arrows can sound alarms in your head for crisis’ that aren’t really there. This is where Google Data Studio(GDS) comes in. When setup properly, it can help you do find the top-line data that is meaningful to your business and help you to understand if you’re getting return on investment from your digital marketing dollars.

What is it?

Launched in Beta in 2016, GDS is a free product available in the Google Analytics 360 Suite and allows agencies (or anyone really) to put together branded reports that pull in data from places like GA, Adwords and Search Console. Having the ability to pull in graphs, tables and geographical maps with use from those sources means that you can see what you want to see without having to dig through GA to find what you need. Logos and other images can be imported, and there is the option to leave text boxes to label what exactly what a piece of data is showing, and provide rationale. See an example below:

What are the advantages?

There are so many good reasons to ensure you have a meaningful GDS report setup for your business, including:

  • The data is appearing is in ‘real time’
  • When setup with filters, the date range can be changed and compared and different sources selected
  • Data can be pulled in from multiple sources (even non-Google platforms, such as Facebook as long as the data is being pulled into Google Sheets)
  • Everything you see in there is fully customisable
  • It allows you to create reports that let different teams work collaboratively. This is great for when you use different suppliers for different services as everyone is ‘on the same page’ about how what their doing may effect another stream
  • It can help you to report on top-line figures more easily to Management, and track your return on investment

What are you waiting for?

If your Marketing Manager or agency is not using GDS for reporting, they really should be. If you would like more information or what like us to help you set up a report for your business, get in touch on 0800 878 833 today.