The Ins and Outs of Google Shopping

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The online marketplace is highly competitive and in order to stay afloat and make the most of the opportunities the world’s biggest marketplace, the internet, has to offer you have to cover all your bases. You may have heard of something called ‘Google Shopping’, but you’re unsure of what exactly it is, well we’re here to help.

Surely you have noticed that when you search for a product on Google numerous images of that specific item line the top of the search results? These are Google Shopping ads. What makes Google Shopping ads more effective than normal search results? Well apart from the obvious, that they are the first thing you see, the added feature of visual stimulus grabs the attention of prospects, draws them in and begs to be clicked. We can assure you that your competitors are utilising Google Shopping to boost sales, why aren’t you?

How it Works

Advertisers create lists of all the products they wish to sell. The list includes product details such as the item’s name, brand, images, price and specifics like size, colour and so on. This list is called a ‘data feed’. With the info you submit to the data feed Google can create a custom-made ad for your product that will appear when a user searches for that particular product.

Reap the Benefits

By investing in Google Shopping ads you’ll enjoy the benefits of more sales, lower costs, the capacity to add images to your ads, overtake competitors and pay only for the clicks you get. Google provides businesses with guidelines and tips on how they can get started and make the most of their Google Shopping campaign, and we have some tips too.

Think like a customer

If you were searching for your particular product what details would you search? Which image would strike your attention, the high quality product shot or the blurred or poorly lit image? Keep it fresh, timely and clean. Choose what items you advertise via Google Shopping according to customer demand and current trends. Don’t be afraid to pull products that aren’t prospering from the benefits of Google Shopping and continue to use the service for products that perform well.

Additionally, make sure you are tracking conversions, conducting tests, re-evaluating bids, and test, test, test again. Google Shopping is not yet available in New Zealand but that doesn’t mean that Kiwi businesses can’t take advantage of it in other markets. Having trouble deciphering the jargon? Call 0800 878 833 and our friendly ream will walk you through the ins-and-outs of getting your Google Shopping campaign started today.