What is Google Tag Manager?

google tag manager nz

Along with the many, many acronyms that we have in online marketing there is a new one; GTM. GTM or (Google Tag Manager) is a ‘tag management system’ created by Google to help make it easier for web marketers to insert HTML and Javascript tags into website for tracking purposes. What does that mean exactly? GTM is connected with Google analytics and makes it A LOT quicker and easier to setup tracking on websites, especially Event and Goal tracking.

Tags are wee bits of website code that can give us (and you!) useful insights into how your website is being used. Whilst this is a pro, there can be cons. If too many tags are added it can reduce website loading speeds, if tags are implemented incorrectly it can mean that things aren’t being measured accurately and above all it can be costly and time-consuming for your web developer to keep implementing tags into the code. GTM is there to help with those cons.

GTM acts as a tag ‘container’ to house multiple tags in one snippet of code. The ‘container’ code is generated and employed on your website which takes the place of other tracking codes such as the Google Analytics code (your Analytics UA ID is added to the GTM account to ensure that it continues to track correctly). This eliminates the need for multiple data tracking codes being placed directly onto web pages.

Ever wanted to know how many users are clicking on a particular ‘call to action’ button? Ever wanted to know how many users are clicking on your social links, email address or click to call buttons? GTM makes is so much quicker and simpler to track any action that is performed on your website. Sure heat-mapping can give you an indication of what users are clicking on, but not record specifically how many times. Or compare how many times someone clicked to fill out a form but didn’t go on to complete it. With Google Tag Manager you can setup Events for these items, and so much more! Essentiall, it makes tracking ROI on your search engine marketing campaigns easier and more transparent.

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