How to use Google Display Network to increase your online traffic

what is the google display network

If you’re looking for online exposure, the Google Display Network (GDN) is a great way of getting your message out there.

The GDN is a large collection of websites worldwide; including specific Google websites like Youtube, Gmail, Blogger that all have selected to show AdWords Ads. The network allows Ads with text, images and GIFS (media rich animations) and even videos to show and they also appear on mobiles and tablets. Have you ever been looking at your emails or a website and wondered how the Ads got there? Now you know!)

One of the great things about running Display Ads is that you can choose a targeted audience to get your branding/offer in-front of. There are 3 main ways that we can ensure your Ads are coming up in the right place – using either keywords, topics, or placements. We can choose specific websites or pages and have the ability to find users that are already interested in what you have to offer. According to Google there are over 2 million publisher sites in the network and it reaches 90% of internet users worldwide!

For example, say your business designs and produces beautiful weddings cakes for brides in NZ. If we were to employ the GDN as an advertising medium, we could create visually engaging Ads using images of your cakes, branding and even a message for the wedding season and choose to display those Ads on Wedding related websites in NZ that are involved in the GDN. This bridal related website has Ads displaying at the top and sides which is prime space for a Wedding cakes business to get their brand in-front of Kiwi brides.

display network ads

Many different types of businesses in many different industries use the GDN. Ask yourself the below questions:

  • Do you want more business? (Enquiries or sales?)
  • Do you want to build customer or client loyalty?
  • Do you want more engagement from your current or prospective clients or customers?
  • Do you want to increase online awareness?

If you answered yes to any of the above or if you would like more information about getting your exposure across the web, give our experts a call today!