What’s Worth Watching in PPC

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Mobile continues to dominate

Mobile is continuing its domination in the digital marketing world. By the end of 2016, mobile ads will account for over half of all digital spend, well overtaking desktop. While the cost-per-click on search advertising is higher than it’s ever been, desktop searches have been trending downwards for a while now, and both of these trends can be directly attributed to mobile.

We declare every year to be the year of the mobile, but last year it proved to be even more prevalent. As an example, Google AdWords released a ‘click to call’ button which made conversions even easier. Prospective customers could simply click on the button to call the company without having to click through to another page.

There’s an app for that

Google has recently launched an AdWords app for iOS (the Android version was introduced almost a year ago). It allows marketers to manage and keep a close eye on their campaign from wherever they are in a much more streamlined fashion.

While the app is not a replacement for the desktop version, it’s handy for viewing real-time statistics and maintaining current campaigns. It’s also ideal for adjusting budgets and bids, pausing campaigns and launching new ones that have already been set up on the desktop. Users can also turn on notifications, which means they’ll receive an alert when their budget is about to run out.

AdWord extensions

AdWords recently released a range of extensions to give companies more say over which features they’d like to highlight in their ad.

According to Google, structured snippet extensions are used to “highlight a specific aspect of the products or services you offer”. It’s a great way for companies to highlight key aspects of their business, including their differentiators, which is crucial for any AdWords campaign.

Watch this space: video ads

Google has introduced in-SERP video advertising in the form of TrueView, which surely points to the fact that more users are coming to like online video content. And, now that Google owns YouTube, we can expect to see more video advertising in the future – perhaps in places that we would least expect. While videos might not result in direct sales, they are highly engaging and proving to be extremely popular.

Customer email lists

AdWords’ Customer Match lets you upload a list of email addresses from your customers, then – when they’re signed into Google Search, YouTube or Gmail – you’ll be able to show them highly targeted ads. Facebook and Twitter have allowed users to do this for some time now, but it’s an extra exciting development for AdWords because of the high matching rates it yields. Just like any other email campaign, it’s always a good idea to segment your list, which will help you to tailor ad copy for each audience. Keep in mind that an AdWords campaign that utilises Customer Match will only be as strong as the CRM list, so ensure to check this first.