Jump on the Blogging Bandwagon

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Just last month we talked about how 2015 had been dubbed ‘the year of the video’. Don’t worry, we’re not about to back pedal on that statement as video content’s trail of dominance blazes on. However, there is another key strategy for user engagement that has been gaining ground of late and is now well and truly closing in. We’re of course talking about blogging.

So, what is it about blogs that has brands, both big and small, jumping on the band wagon and readers signing up? Well amongst the various reasons, of which there are plenty, it provides a solution for growing your brand’s mailing list, making connections with established websites and blogs, projecting your brand identity and generating conversation. Additionally, having a blog opens your brand up to potential for global reach and demands user attention.

Take the Plunge

So, if your business is thinking about taking the plunge into the blogging world or already has, what are some tips that will lead your brand to blogging success? Firstly, let’s talk about authority and authenticity as these two attributes are key to reader engagement. Authority is a trait earned through establishing your blog as a source of knowledge and industry insights. Authenticity is a quality gained through the ability to turn out interesting, fresh and on trend information regularly. Achieving that sought after ‘freshness’ is no easy task, it requires both a keen eye and one finger to the pulse of your industry—always. As the popularity of blogs booms, the importance of standing out will only rise.

Authority and Authenticity

Successfully balance authority and authenticity and your audience growth will thrive. Furthermore, as your loyal following grows larger, it provides an opportunity to grow your mailing list along with it. The ability to use your blog following as a means for growing your mailing list is an invaluable resource. If your readers want to know when a new blog post is going up it’s not only a sure sign that your blog is alive and well, it is a means for your brand to add to the existing pool of user emails you already have access to.

Global Reach

Blogging is instrumental in opening up your site to the potential for global reach, sharing your brand’s voice and personality with readers worldwide. As your blog develops it will take on the form of its own being as customers feel connected to the brand voice your blog has cultivated.

Outreach and Cross-promotion

Regular posts are also a proactive way of establishing connections with established websites and blogs through outreach and cross-promotion. Creating and nurturing relationships with popular websites is a great way to fuel your website’s image of authority and allows both sites to capitalise on each other’s reach and share the benefits.
Finally, as regular quality content is imperative to healthy search engine optimisation (SEO), a blog provides your brand with a means to facilitate the on-going turn out of new industry relevant content.

So, if your business hasn’t already jumped on the blogging band wagon—why not? As always, if you need some help or advice then give us a shout!