Your 2016 Ad-Vent Calendar!

digital marketing calendar for the holidays
The silly-season is almost upon us once again. New World is selling chocolate reindeer and playing Michael Buble’s Christmas special. But for many retails, the lead up to the end of the year and the holiday season is peak trading time. If you haven’t started thinking about what your business can be doing online to maximise this important time, it’s not too late. To help, the team here at Results First have put together an ad-vent calendar of 25 ideas and tips to help!

1) Create a marketing plan and stick to it!

2) Have a look at last years trends. Click here to see some great stats from Marketing Land.

3) Do some analytics on your Google Analytics from last year. What worked? What didn’t?

4) Set goals! Continuing from point 3, what are some realistic growth goals that can be set in regards to traffic, conversion rates, enquiries or sales?

5) Know your cut-off dates and include these in your plans. When can the last delivery be sent?

6) Once the above is in place, look at which digital streams you can utilise. We always recommend employing a combination of channels to maximise exposure and return.

7) Setup what you can in advance. For example, if you can build new AdWords campaigns out before they need to go live this will free-up time later.

8) If you are going to be using multiple channels, ensure your messaging and branding is consistent across them all.

9) Watch your budgets across all paid channels. Use scripts to let you know when you’ve capped your budgets so that you can make decisions on whether you should increase.

10) In your AdWords copy, ensure you include details of any specials/ promotions or seasonal messaging. The new extended ad format is great for this.

11) To drive further urgency, use count downs and other real-time updates in your Adcopy.

12) Send users to specifically designed, holiday season or Christmas themed landing pages from paid ads.

13) Run strategic banner advertising with seasonal imagery, strong calls-to-action and promotions.

14) Split test different designs/ messages in the banner ads to see what performs the best.

15) Use Google Remarketing to bring back users that have been on your website but haven’t done on to contact you or make a purchase.

16) Ensure there’s an incentive offered in the Remarketing banners. For example, an offer or discount code. This gives the user even more reason to come back to your website and convert!

17) Send your database promotional emails. Click here for some tips.

18) Segment audience groups in your database to send more targeted EDMs. For example, separate B2C and B2B and send them different emails with more targeted promotions and copy.

19) Make sure your emails stand out. At this time of year, most peoples inboxes get a little full. Your subject line needs to entice a user to open the email, and symbols work quite well to draw attention. Some good stats around this are available here.

20) Design and run strategic Facebook Ads. Think about how your audience group may change or be expanded in the lead up to Christmas.

21) Now that you’ve driven traffic to the website with these past points, make sure everything is ‘best practice’ on it. Strong ‘calls to action’ are a must. See this blog for more information.

22) Ensure there is clear messaging around returns and delivery dates on all pages of your website.

23) Create gift packages and highlight the potential savings. Mimco have done this very well.

24) Make sure gift cards are easily found and able to be purchased.

25) Add the ability for buyers to add gift wrapping and personal cards to delivered gifts.

So there you have it! For help or advice on getting your digital marketing strategy ‘sleigh’ this Christmas, give us a call on 0800 878 833 today.