Your Handy Holiday Checklist for PPC

Last week we wrote about gearing up your digital marketing for Christmas. With the holiday season just around the corner, our team of Performance Media Specialists have been inspired to compile a ‘best practice checklist’ for PPC streams that will help set you up for a successful holiday season in your industry. Here are some recommendations!

1. Set your Campaign Goals & Review Performance from Previous Years

Before putting together any PPC strategy, ensure that you set up campaign goals for the holiday period that are both realistic and attainable. Using past holiday period targets as reference points for the coming season. Also take into consideration the company’s performance throughout the year and month immediately before the holiday period. Are you trying to get more enquiries?
More feet in store? More sales? Goal setting is extremely important for any campaign.

Use your Google Analytics data to see what has and hasn’t worked in previous years. This will aid you in making informed decisions on where to allocate budget and how much.

2. Analyse Peak Activity Dates

Understanding that peak activity dates during the holiday periods are not the same for all brands or categories, is key to having a successful strategy.
Decide on a start date and a finish date for the holiday period, for most companies in NZ it’s from Cyber Monday in November to early February. And knowing which of your products and categories perform best at specific dates throughout the period should dictate your marketing strategy.

3. Review Performance by Device

Over the past two years, paid search CTR have predominantly been coming through mobile devices. Also according to Google; ‘smartphone users are 50% more likely to expect to purchase something immediately while using their smartphone compared to a year ago.’ These facts suggest the importance of capturing customer attention through mobile devices and ensuring your customers are always accessible on mobile search during the highest converting days of the season.

Regardless if the data from the previous holiday season show no significant trend to warrant a heavy push for mobile devices, collectively paid search data have shown a significant shift in consumer purchasing behaviour so make sure you’re not neglecting that audience.

4. Consider Display and Remarketing

To assist your pay-per-click marketing campaign efforts this holiday season, we suggest utlising Display Ads and Remarketing for your website. Previous data analysis suggests that offering a promo code or an extra benefit with your Remarketing Ads will have a tremendous effect in encouraging customers to revisit a website and complete a purchase. If you’ve gone to the effort of bringing a user to your site but they haven’t converted, Retaregting will help keep your products and brand ‘front-of-mind’ and help to draw them back.

5. Make sure to Leverage Google’s New Features

Every year, Google releases new features that could be useful to both agencies and retailers to use in the holiday period. The most interesting new feature that should be of concern to every retailer across the country, is Google Shopping rolling out in New Zealand during 2017.

Our team are on hand to help! If you would like more online exposure in the coming months, get in touch!