Your AdWords Budget Could Be Overspent 2X – Announces Google

Last Wednesday the 4th of October, Google announced on their Twitter and to advertisers in the AdWords platform that a change had already been made to the way that budgets are handled on a daily basis. See the message below:

And on Twitter:

So specifically they have said, ‘To help you hit your advertising goals, your campaigns can now spend up to twice your average daily budget.’


There was also a link to this AdWords Support answer here.

What is this all about?

Essentially, Google are saying that each day you might see that the budget that has been allocated for that day might be under, or now up to 2x higher. Previously it was understood that it might go over by 20%, but now they’re saying that it might be overspend by 100%!

They are also saying though that if it is overspent earlier in the month (they have penned this ‘overdelivery’), this will be rectified and will ‘balance out’ towards the end of the month. They have provided this example:

How might this effect my Campaign?

As this change is less than a week old, we’re unsure yet as to how this may effect things. However, Google have stated in the post (link above) that;
‘Sometimes we deliver over your monthly budget. In those cases, we’ll credit the overdelivery cost back.’ There are also steps in there to follow to see if you have been credited from them for this.

So hopefully, it will mean that your listings get more traffic and your budget isn’t overspent.

Want to learn more?

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