4 Tips To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you’re an online retailer, making sure your website converts potential customers into sales at a high rate is vital. You get more ROI on your digital marketing if more users spend money on your site, and the more they spend the higher the ROI. You can make changes to your websites design to help conversion rates, but a place that user ecommerce owners forget to optimise is the shopping cart process. We have put together some tips that you might be able to use to reduce the rate that abandonment occurs, and hopefully increase your conversion rates at the same time!

Tip 1: Make Sure That You Have Good Tracking In Place

When looking at a problem, it’s always best to be able to sit back and analyse what the exact issue is. To do that you need data. We always recommend having Google Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics setup on the site (correctly) and collecting data at all times. This tracking can give you insights into extremely valuable metrics, including product performance, cart abandonment rates, shopping behavior and overall sales performance.
You may need your web developer to set this up for you but it’s well worth it and without it you’re really flying blind. Like with anything, make sure you have a good sample size before making any assumptions. For some sites with a lot of usage you may be able to start making changes sooner but if you’re not currently getting a lot of traffic you may need to wait a few months or more to be able to see patterns and make meaningful decisions.

Tip 2: Setup A Shopping Cart Goal Flow

After you have Enhanced Analytics setup, it’s vital to then create a Goal Flow which tracks how users come to the site then navigate through to the cart. This can help you identify where users are ‘dropping off’ during the buying process and help to find exact parts of that process that can be improved.

Check out this awesome blog from Kissmetrics for more information on Goal Flows.

Tip 3: Purchase A Product Yourself

You’d be surprised but a lot of our ecommerce clients have never gone through the entire buying process on their own site. We highly recommend that if you haven’t done this, you do it now (you can cancel the sale once made). Going through this yourself can give you valuable insights and find your own pressure points. We also recommend having a look at your competitors process, and major global online retailers such as ASOS and Iconic.

Tip 4: Adapt Best-Practice Conversion Conventions

There are a few ‘best practice’ questions to ask yourself when you’re going through the process above. If you answer ‘no’ to these, this is a great place to start:

  • Was is easy to make a purchase?
  • Was I able to make a purchase quickly?
  • Am I able to pay in a number of different ways? ie credit card, paypal, bank transfer
  • Can I checkout as a guest?
  • Is shipping free? If not, it the cost reasonable compared to competitors?
  • Is shipping fast?

Hopefully these tips were valuable if you’re starting out in the basics of cart abandonment and there’s some things to start thinking about and utilising on your site. If you need help or more information, give our team a call on 0800 878 833 or use our contact form. We would love to hear from you!