5 Tips for Increasing Holiday Sales using Facebook PPC Ads

The holiday season is fast approaching! If your business is looking to increase sales, utilising Facebook Ads could be a great medium to do so by reaching your target audience.

According to Facebook Business, more and more people are looking for deals, discounts and gift ideas, and most of them use mobile devices to purchase during this peak season. To prepare your campaign planning, here are 5 tips that may help you increase your sales during the holiday period.

Tip 1 – Think about your Audience

One of the things that Facebook allows businesses to do (over any other digital stream) is target specific audience groups. Because users enter in a lot of information about themselves (age, gender, interests, marital status etc.), businesses can tap into demographics. The first step when running Facebook Ads should always be to define your target audience. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is the audience for the holiday season different to our usual audience?
  • What appeals to them?
  • What may strike a buying urge in them?
  • Are there different audiences that will need different ads?
  • Should we split-test different images/calls-to-action to the same audience?

Tip 2 – Always Plan in Advance

Planning and strategy should always be one of the first steps when you’re running any kind of Digital campaign. Create a calendar for important dates such as the last delivery day, Christmas, Boxing day and any other key retail dates. Plan out which message you would like to send to your audience on those dates. You can also create and schedule the ads to run to save time!

Tip 3 – Include strong ‘calls to action’ in the images and text

Always ensure that the images used appeal to your target audience, and include ‘calls to action’ or incentives for users to click on your ads. Things like free shipping, discounts and free gift wrapping are always winners in the lead-up to Christmas. Split-test different variations to see what works best.

Tip 4 – Ensure your ads click through to the right place!

Facebook allows you to send traffic to specific pages on your website, so make sure you’re sending users to the most relevant page that pertains to the ad. This might be a specific product page, a Christmas gifts collection category page or a strategically designed landing page. Don’t just add a click to your homepage if it’s not going to be the most beneficial!


Tip 5 – Monitor and track the results

The Facebook Business Manager platform offers really good insights into what’s performing and what’s not. Make sure you use the data to continually optimise and (going back to Tip 3) tweak images and calls-to-action to obtain the best results.

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