7 NZ Industries that Greatly Benefit from Local SEO

Trying to target National New Zealand and even big cities (like Auckland or Christchurch) is extremely competitive. Businesses are competing against either every similar company in their city or even the country for 10 spots on page 1. This means that extensive resources (in the form of costs) are required to compete for the exposure. For businesses that attract customers or clients from a local area (think suburbs of Auckland or small towns like Picton or Greytown), having a sound local SEO campaign in place is key to making sure you attract local business and at a fraction of the cost.

While there are many different industries that can benefit from local search engine optimisation, we’ve listed 7 New Zealand industries that we know kill it using local strategies!

Beauty – Salons & Mobile

Physical beauty salons (think hair, waxing, makeup, laser clinics) as well as mobile businesses generate most of their business from local customers. Ensure that there are lots of photos of your work (even before and after shots) on your Google + page and website.

Trade (especially Emergency Services)

We’ve all been there, the toilet is leaking, the car has broken down or you’ve locked yourself out of the house! The first thing you do is reach for your mobile phone and look for a trade to help out – stat!

Medical, Health & Dental

Like with emergency trade, think about the times that you’ve rolled your ankle or have a tooth ache that needs to be looked at straight away. Medical clinics (including GPs, physios and podiatrists), Natural Therapies (such as acupuncturists and massage) and Dentists not only have regular patients that work and live locally but also can pick up new patients by appearing on page 1 for location phrases.

Bars, Restaurants, Takeaways and Cafes

Another situation or micro moment to envision: it’s Thursday night and you get home late. The last thing you want to do is cook so you get out the trusty smart device and search for ‘pizza *your location*.
Kiwi’s love food, wine and eating out. It’s imperative that hospitality businesses come up and are in-the-mix when new customers are searching.

Hotels, Motels & Accommodation

There are a lot of overseas travelers in NZ looking for backpackers, hotels, motels, B&Bs; you name it. There are also Kiwi’s visiting inter-Island and places all over the country. When they search they look for specific locations and suburbs.

Florists, Gifts & Retail

You have forgotten your partners, Mum’s, sisters dog Birthday and need a present – now! Find your local florist, gift shop or pet shop on your smart phone and thank them because they have employed local SEO successfully!

Professional Services

Professional services (such as Accountants and Lawyers) often have to invest the most amount of resources to try and compete on a National level. Targeting clients from a small area around you is cost effective and faster than trying to take on the large firms.

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