6 Handy Apps To Help Social Media Management

If you’re doing your own social media or are a social media manager, you know that you need to put a lot in to get a little out. To help you maximise your output, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Apps that help to save time and energy!

Hootsuite Mobile App

If you’re not already using Hootsuite for scheduling social posts – get on it! This handy tool is dubbed a ‘social media management system’ and helps you to manage and keep track of multiple channels. You can schedule posts as well as monitor what people saying about your brand and respond to comments instantly. Best of all, it’s free for one user and 3 platforms (ie. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus). You can use it on desktop but the mobile app means that you can logon while on the move.

Facebook Pages Manager

This handy app makes it much easier to manage your Facebook Business accounts while out of the office. Facebook Pages Manager allows you to more easily monitor your business pages – see views, comments, messages and keep track of your ads – than from the traditional Facebook app.

Daily App by Buffer

Buffer are a competitor of Hootsuite and are another alternative social media management tool. They have also created the Daily App which is like ‘tinder for content’. This is a great tool for finding and discovering new content that you can share with your followers. On the App, content will appear that’s relevant to parameters that you have selected and you can simply ‘swipe right’ to post and ‘swipe left’ to leave. How easy is that!

Canva Mobile App

Once you’ve setup your tool for monitoring your social content, you can start creating! Canva is used globally by graphic designers and social media marketers alike. You can easily create logos, graphics, posts and whatever visual content you need using its ‘drag and drop’ interface. Add text to photos, create email headers and more! Like Hootsuite, it can be used on desktop or on your mobile via the App when you’re feeling creative where ever you are.


If you create or edit posts on your desktop (on say Photoshop or Canva) you need a quick and easy way to share it between devices for posting. Pushbullet is your answer! This helpful app allows you to easily ‘push’ images and content between devices. You can login using a Google Account and share/ download content with the click of a button. Another alternative is the DropBox app if you prefer.

Google Analytics App

Since you’re putting in all of this hard work into your social, you need to measure the results! This is where the Google Analytics application comes in! This tool makes it a lot easier to view data, reports and ensure everything is ‘on track’ while you’re out-and-about.

Get downloading now! If you use any that you rate that aren’t mentioned please let us know!