Results First can consult, plan, design, build and execute successful content marketing campaigns. Let us help you define and refine your lead channels today.

Our team of talented content writers are here to help your New Zealand business engage and retain your target audience for the long-term. Our highly effective approaches focus on distributing quality, authentic content to a targeted audience on a regular basis, which, over time, will reward you with long-term customer loyalty. The point of difference with our content marketing strategy is that we don’t aim to directly sell your business’s products or services. Rather, our article and blog writers work to educate your audience by providing them with relevant and insightful information. With the right systems in place, you can then track how qualified a potential customer is through their engagement with the content.

We deliver an all-encompassing content marketing strategy

While creating content for your social media communities is an essential part of an effective strategy, we also focus on establishing your business as a publisher of quality content in its own right. Offering a professional blog writing service, our talented writers can craft for you compelling copy that aligns with your brand, vision and style. With experience in writing across a wide array of sectors, our team can develop effective content plans that build your authority and lead to increased reach of your brand.

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More than just conceiving topic ideas, our team of writers will build your New Zealand business a dedicated online community who take great interest in, and communicate directly with, your brand. It’s all part of Results First’s service of expanding your brand’s reach and getting your voice heard by the right audiences more often.

To build a trustworthy brand, you need to utilise a well-established article and blog writing service that will deliver you exceptional returns on your investment. Results First’s team in NZ will work closely with you to develop a long-term plan that builds that highly sought-after brand awareness and authority. To get started on building a strong plan for your marketing efforts, call Results First today on 0800 878 833 or send us an email at

Results First are results first

The main objective of marketers is to generate sales. One way of doing this is through content marketing. With research into customer profiles and a sound strategy and platform in place, we can track, monitor and report on how engaged potential customers are with content and qualify them for a sales follow up. Let Results First show you how.


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