Core Algorithm Update – August 2018

In a big start to August 2018, Google started rolling out a ‘core’ algorithm update. Trusted SEO sources such as Search Engine Land and Search Engine Round Table have reported the rollout, as well as Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan.

Whilst it’s a core update, it’s been dubbed the ‘Medic Update’ by people int he industry because it seems to have mainly effected websites in the medical industry (including ecommerce websites selling medical or pharmaceutical products). Other industries that seem to have had fluctuations include finance, insurance, B2B services, deal sites and entertainment sites.
Many people are also reporting that this is one of the more significant updates that has occurred in the last couple of years when looking at search metrics.

According to Google, core update occur to improve the overall quality of the search results provided to users. Most core updates are global and non-specific to certain industries so this one seems to be unique in that sense.

So far we are yet to see any significant rankings drops or rises on our client base in New Zealand however friends across the ditch have seem some effects.

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