Digital Digest – April 2017

Can you believe it’s already Star Wars Day? (May the fourth be with you!). Soon we’re going to be half-way through the year already. There’s been some exciting developments, roll-outs and news in the online marketing world this month. We bring you all the items that mean the most to NZ.

All the Google Stuff

Smart Display Campaigns was Launched

Probably the most exciting news – in an email from Google’s Inside AdWords on the 21/04/2017 and posted on the 20/04/2017, they have introduced Smart Display Campaigns!

Google Testing New Job Feature

Dan Shure (an SEO enthusiast) noticed job listings in Google SERPS. We think this is only being tested in the USA right now as we haven’t seen it in NZ but we’ll keep an eye out!



Project Owl – Google’s 3 Pronged Approach to Combat Problematic Content & ‘Fake News’

In a post from Ben Gomes (VP & Engineeing a Google), details about Project Owl were disclosed. The 3 things that this is focusing on are:

  • A feedback form for search suggestions, plus formal policies about why suggestions might be removed.
  • A feedback form for ‘Featured Snippets’ answers.
  • A emphasis on authoritative content to improve search quality – will more algorithms be rolled out or changed to Panda be rolled-out to tighten this up? We’ll see!

For more information see this post from Search Engine Land.

Rich Products Feature on Google Image Search

On the 10/04/2017 Google announced via the Webmaster Central blog that the’re rolling-out a ‘similar item’ feature on Google image search on mobile web and the Android Search app. The feature is designed to help users find products they love in photos that inspire them on Google Image Search. To us, this looks like Google trying to compete with Pinterest – what are your thoughts?


The Non-Google Related News

MailChimp Adds Location Targeting to their Facebook Advertising product

MailChimp introduced ‘location targeting’ to their integrated Facebook Ad product. This allows you to narrow the focus of your target audience and create ads that are more relevant to customers in any city, state, or post code you select. Find out more here.

Amazon Launches ‘Subscribe With Amazon’ To Help Subscription Businesses

In mid-April, the General Manager of Amazon Lovina McMurchy accounced the launch of ‘Subscribe with Amazon’ – a new marketplace that will allow third parties to sell subscriptions through Amazon! For more information see this post by Econsultancy.

Bing Shopping now has Product Inventory Feeds & Search Query Reports

In a statement from Bing, they have,
‘released several great features to help you improve your business through enhanced feed management and optimization for Bing Shopping Campaigns. Checkout the blog for more info!