Digital Digest – July 2018

We’re into the back half of the year and there’s plenty going on in the Digital World. Website security took a front stage but there are also a few updates from the social media platforms and E-retailers. If you didn’t have time to keep up with the news, hopefully this bite-sized blog will help to keep you informed.

The Google News

Chrome Has Started Flagging ‘Unsecure’ Domains

After months of warnings, Chrome has now started marking unsecure websites (http) in the browser. We have posted a couple blogs about this here and here, but the official update from Google can be seen on the Chromium Blog.

Site Loading Speed Now A Ranking Factor For Mobile Search

In an update released on the 7th of July, Google has officially stated that website loading speed with be a ranking factor for mobile searches. According to Search Engine Land, this will only be effecting the slowest loading sites and making your site ‘faster’ may not make it rank higher if it’s already loading quickly. SEL have also posted this really good FAQs blog if you’d like to know more.

‘People Also Searched For’ Box Added To AdWords Results

A new feature has been added into paid search which previously appeared for organic queries.

The only way we have been able to replicate this is if you click on a paid as, then hit ‘back’ or bounce off the site. The box will then appear in the results as Google probably thinks that you didn’t perform the correct search and gives you the alternatives. If you click on one of the suggested links a new set of search results will appear with a new set of ads. This is an interesting development in the paid search user experience.

The Non-Google Items

Reddit Add Call-to-Action Buttons to Ads

The popular forum site has added the ability for advertisers to add 13 different call-to-action button options to their paid ads. The rollout was outlined on their r/redditads subreddit and lists the below CTA options:

  • Get a Quote
  • Install
  • Download
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • View More
  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Get Showtimes
  • Apply Now
  • See Menu
  • Watch Now
  • Play Now
  • Or have no button (Default option, no CTA button will appear on the ad)

This is a pretty handy addition for businesses taking advantage of advertising on the platform and should aid conversion rates.

Amazon Testing Expansion of Sponsored Product Ads

The online retail giant is reportedly trying to ‘close the gap’ between itself, Google and Facebook in regards to dollars spent on online marketing, and to do this are looking to expand out their Sponsored Product Ads to other sites around the net and not just their own network. According to AdAge, Amazon is in talks with brands and agencies about using a remarketing/ retargeting type advertising method to target users that have viewed products on Amazon and then browse around the internet. This would be similar to Google’s AdSense as can assume. With the platform recently expanding into Australia and NZ in their sights, it seems like they’re going for world domination!

Voice Messaging Available On LinkedIn

In July, the Social Media platform LinkedIn announced that they have launched a voice messaging option. This allows you to record a message of up to a minute and send it to your first-degree connections. They have added this to help users ‘multi-task’ or ‘provide an in-depth explanation’ to a connection. I’m sure this feature will be well taken advantage of by marketers.

Short but sweet one this month – have we missed anything? Hit us up!