Digital Digest – March 2017

With March out of the way, it’s a little crazy to think we’ve already arrived at the 4th month of the year. So in light of the upcoming holiday, we’ve got a few little Easter surprises wrapped up for you below. Read on for the latest web-goss that’s happened in the last month.

Google Stuff


  • The ‘Fred’ Update
    The beginning of March saw rise to a new Google algorithm update, dubbed ‘Fred’ by Google employee Gary Illyes. The Fred update, finally confirmed by Google, has been wreaking havoc amongst those sites with much advertising and little content. The algorithm changes were first noticed at the beginning of February when site rankings dropped for those who had a get-rich-quick thirst for advertising income without first catering to their audience with relevant content. But given that your website’s priority is to serve the needs of your audience, there should be very little to worry about. The update focused mainly on weeding out irrelevant and spammy websites to make room for more serious agendas.


  • The Customer Journey
    Any structured business model should be taking into account the steps which the customer goes through, from start to finish, when interacting with your business. From the moment the customer becomes aware of your product or brand, you should have a plan in place to meet them at every level of involvement. The digital world is great for this; by allowing for a personal and interactive relationship with the company, one can tailor and segregate relevant products, services and content to the specific interests of individual customers. Read more from Econsultancy here.


  • Website Hack Prevention
    Last year saw a huge 32% increase in hacked websites from the previous year. Not to worry though – we have some handy information to help you keep your website safe from sneaky invaders straight from Google’s Webmaster Central here.


  • Google Optimize
    Launched last September, Optimize is a product from Google herself that helps a business to test and (as the name suggests) optimise its website. For those unfamiliar to the concept, it could be thought of as an extension for Google Analytics, as the end goal is to deliver a better user experience and help to iron out the wrinkles that might otherwise be difficult to diagnose. Read more here.


  • Google Maps Ad Traffic
    Google Maps has gone from a practical, everyday tool, to a platform for businesses to maximise their exposure. Read more about the latest developments and opportunities on Search Engine Land here.


Non-Google Stuff


  • Elon Musk’s Brain Slugs
    Okay, they’re called ‘neural laces’, not brain slugs. More explanatorily, they hook up computers to your neural transmitters. Elon Musk – entrepreneur, space pioneer, electrical innovator, and now brain-pirate – is launching a company called Neuralink. The concept behind this new project is to connect thoughts and computers via electrodes implanted in the brain. Not your cup of tea? He already knows.


  • Facebook’s a Copychat
    Facebook’s set about going head to head with Snapchat’s ‘story’ feature. The new update allows a user to create special camera filters, overlays, and image manipulation to follow the trends that Snapchat and Instagram have been one step ahead with – until now. Awesome utility or abyssal time-waster? You decide.


  • Feeling Emojional?
    In the last few years we’ve been blessed and cursed by the range of emojis across most messaging apps. Part of the curse however, is that it’s near impossible to select the right one from the millions on offer. Now, this strenuous task has been called upon to be streamlined. Kate Knibbs wants to improve on Apple’s predictive emoji-ing by adding a search function. Read what Kate’s got to say here.


Want more information about the above points or think we’ve missed something important in the Digital space? Get in touch!