Digital Digest – May 2017

The month of May started off with International Star Wars day, which is generally pretty well known in the tech and online industries (May the 4th be with you).

Of course, as always, Google is making changes. Various sources around the internet are claiming that Google is doing a ‘sneaky’ by shifting the focus of their algorithms to crack down on those sites that are supported by unethical practices.

Several updates have been implemented in Google AdWords, Shopping and GDN. Allowing advertisers to reach a broader audience and maximise their returns on monthly spend.

Google Stuff

Similar Audiences for Google Search and Shopping is Here!

The long-awaited release of similar audiences for Search and Shopping is here. For those out of the loop, similar audiences allows Google to collect and correlate searches and information of compatible nature; e.g. “triathlon training” and “buy lightweight running shoes”.
Ginny Marvin informs us of the benefits of similar audiences and the criteria required for users to apply this feature to their campaigns.

Criteria for Similar Audiences expansion

  • Need to have at least 1000 cookies
  • Need a certain number of participants who have recently shown similar search tendencies
  • Similar audiences do not apply to sensitive categories

Benefits of Similar audiences

  • Can be built using past visitors to your website
  • Allows advertisers to target current customers with ads showing new season styles etc.
  • Test Campaigns show an 11% increase in CTR and 22% growth in conversions over a 2-month period.

Retail Shopping on Display: Shopping Ads to start showing on GDN for Sites in New Google Test Pilot

As of 29/05/2017 all shopping campaigns included in Google’s test pilot will automatically become available on GDN by default, with results expected to show for these clients as early as the end of June.

This is somewhat an inevitable move by Google, given their extensive distribution of Shopping Ads into Youtube, search image results and other third party retail sites. Retail Shopping on Display comes as no surprise with Digital Marketing Reports showing a 32% increase in Google Shopping spending in 2017, compared to a 12% increase for text ads in the same period.

Google’s new Search feature – Making it easier for users to find Events

Nishant Ranka, a product manager for Google, informed us that Google searches for events will now show a detailed list of activities, including location, dates and event times. These details listings will be pulled directly from sites such as Eventbrite, Meetup and other event sites on the internet.

The search function, will also give you the ability to choose specific dates, or look for events happening around you; today, tomorrow or next week. More information available here at Search Engine Land.

Google AdWords Update: New Keyword Bidding Suggestions

Kelly Baker, lover of PPC, and Paid Manager at a UK marketing agency called Prodo, is happy to provide more information around Google’s newest update to its AdWords division. This may be a great addition for those clients who operate around $5K monthly click-spend and are also concerned about page position throughout the day. This new suggestion will show up with multiple boxes (see image below) instead of the single dialogue box as per usual.

For more information about this new update to AdWords, visit this post in Search Engine Land.

AdWords Update: Enhanced CPC modification removes bid cap accounting for Location and Audience

Depending on the type of campaign advertisers are running, Enhanced CPC (ECPC) may or may not impact them at all. With new changes to ECPC, the bid cap becomes obsolete as flexibility is bound to the max. CPC and would only allow a bid to increase by 30 percent above the bid cap.

These updates to the ECPC will automatically adjust total bids by considering variances in conversion rates across dimensions such as audience and location. The outcomes must be treated as individual cases, especially in the early stages of these new changes:

  • Search & Display: The ECPC setting will aim to increase conversions at the same cost per conversion. That means there could be changes in spend.
  • Shopping: ECPC will aim to increase conversions at the same overall spend. That means advertisers could see CPA changes

More details about updates in this post.

Non-Google Stuff

BING Ads: July 31st will be the end of Standard Text Ad Support.

Bing advertisement have announced that at the end July, 2017, advertisers will no longer be able to edit old STAs or create new ones. This also includes making any changes to landing page URLs connected to these STAs. For more info click here

Amazon launches Echo look

Amazon has rolled out a new look Echo with a hands-free camera for all the selfie-manias out there. This will allow you to ask Alex to take photos or videos, in high definition including functions such as intelligent back ground blur. New Echo Details