Reddit Ads: A Guide for Businesses

Listing itself as ‘the front page of the internet’, Reddit thrives off the community it has built, the pop culture they comment on and the threads they create. It is a social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion site, speaking to a variety of interest groups.

Through widespread to obscure topics, Reddit has remained a popular platform since 2005 by appealing to a variety of mass audiences. In 2017, the site was the 4th most visited in the United States, and the 8th worldwide.

However, Reddit still remains a space that is relatively overlooked when it comes to businesses marketing strategies. Although Reddit isn’t for everyone, it can definitely benefit the right business.

Why Reddit?

As the world’s largest online forum, Reddit is the major discussion point for sub-culture groups across the globe. Although the page itself is a site for sore eyes, it doesn’t bother the millions of monthly active users that actively contribute to various subreddit feeds.

If it is a place for housing discussion, why is your business missing out on it? By leaving this stream untapped, you are missing two vital opportunities for your marketing, including high-quality customers and wider engagement.

There are major benefits of Reddit for businesses, but the two main contenders are…

Specific Audience Targeting: Over various platforms, targeting focusses on only a few audience specifics such as interests, age and location. Reddit, however, allows advertisers to target audiences through subreddits (subject specific boards within the platform). This means that your audiences are specifically engaged and interested in the content within that subreddit, and therefore the products and services you can provide that also relate to the topic. They are a high-quality audience, and with more than 11,000 subreddits, there is a highly-targeted goldmine waiting for your business.

Heightened Engagement Opportunities: Reddit remains the largest forum online, and at the very crux of it, the platform was built for nurturing discussion, communication and opinions. Businesses can use the format of Reddit to their advantage, promoting engagement between customer and brand. More than that, businesses can also gain an idea of how users feel about your brand, and what they believe is missing from your industry. Remaining relevant to the content is key, and you can work towards building a trusted audience for your company.
Its all about determining if your business fits the interests of those on Reddit. The best way to do that is by searching your industry on the platform. All businesses, including those with very niche markets, may find the perfect community to market their products and services to.

The Types of Reddit Ads

Once you have figured out whether your business fits with Reddit, it is time to start strategising about the way in which your advertisements will be shown to your target audience. Reddit operated on two different types of advertisements, including promoted posts and display ads.

Promoted Posts

promoted posts reddit

There are two types of advertisements that fall under the spectrum of a promoted post – link ads and text ads. These are both available through the self-serve advertising within Reddit.

  • Link Ads: An external link to website or landing pages. It appears to users as a headline, and can be created with ease and haste.
  • Text Ads: An internal link to another Reddit page, which can be used by businesses to link other Reddit pages with a more in-depth description of your business, products or services. This page could also contain external linking, or links to more internal pages.

Display Ads

As a popular and traditional advertising format, display ads can also be harnessed by businesses looking to promote their products/services. These come in the form of banners or rich media ads, and can only be gained through the Reddit sales team, and is part of the managed advertising program for the company.

These ads are not the cheapest option for companies, and are probably more appropriate for larger agencies and media buyers. Below, you can see the price differences between the self -serve option (promoted posts) and the managed option (display ads).

Although there is a major jump in price, there are a number of perks that come with the program, also stated above. Display ads are used more heavily by larger companies due to the price, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one type of advertising is better than the other. Like anything, advertising is based on how you target and convert your audience into sales.

Whatever you decide to choose for your business, Reddit is a platform that needs to be considered in any businesses marketing strategy. Results First have a number of industry experts who can help you take control of the way you market your business online! Get in touch to find out more.