Have you received a suspicious email?

From the General Manager, Kristina Trood

It has been brought to our attention that unsolicited emails are being sent to New Zealand business owners and webmasters from the email address claiming to be from ResultFirst Inc.

Results First Ltd would like to confirm that this person is not a representative of our company and we are unaware of who is responsible for sending these emails.

What are some clues that this email (or others) are not legitimate?

– Emails that come from or other generic email hosts like Hotmail, Yahoo or Live and not from a company, for example

– If the email does come from, copy and paste the into the address bar of your browser and hit enter. If no website comes up, it’s probably not legitimate

What should I do if I do receive these emails?

We recommend ignoring any spam emails and and marking them as ‘spam’ in your email settings. Don’t write back (even if it is to say ‘go away’!) because your response may be flagged and sold, resulting in you receiving more emails or phone calls. You can also report spam here.

If you have any questions or would like to report something else to us, please contact Kristina Trood directly on (09) 282 5061 or