Increase your email database by using a ‘value exchange’

increase edm database

It’s no doubt that summer and the Holiday Season is the perfect time to send out EDM’s (electronic direct marketing or email marketing) to existing or potential clients/ customers. This is because companies can use the Silly Season as a way of attracting business and sales by promoting deals and specials. But what if you don’t have a database to send the emails out to?

Think about increasing your database as an exchange. We have compiled a few quick, easy and effective ways to do this below!

Make sure you have a strong ‘call to action’ on all pages of the website that encourages users to ‘Signup for newsletters’ or ‘Signup for our mailing list’. Even better, try to think about irresistible benefits for the user to make the want to opt-in. Some good example of this are ‘Signup to our Newsletters for Excusive Offers’, ‘Signup to our mailing list for Expert Tips’, and ‘Signup Now and Receive 10% off your first purchase!’.

You can even have a ‘pop up’ come up with a form for users to enter their details mentioning the above.

signup for newsletters image1

Your existing or potential client or customers will have more of an incentive to give you their mailing details if you can give them someone of value in exchange. Creating and giving away a ‘white paper’ in exchange for the information that you want is a fantastic way of doing this. If you use Results First as an example, we could have a downloaded ‘Basics of Online Marketing’ white paper available for download – the only thing is that that a user would need to enter in their name, email address and website domain before downloading.

download-whitepaper techsmith1

When it comes to value exchanges, they don’t come much better than the potential of winning something! A great way of doing this is to send an email out to your existing database with the details of something amazing that they need (not want) to win. You can make a condition of entry that they enter the email addresses of 5 people that they know (who would be interested in entering the contest also). Hint: the prize being a group experience or holiday is the best kind of prize to add because that way it doesn’t matter to the person if they win or their friend is the one that wins.

Once you have collected the 5 additional email addresses you can send them an emailing asking them to a) enter the competition and send it to 5 other people and b) confirm opt-in to send them other items in the future.

So there you have it! Get onto the items above and let us know what has worked for you.