The Top 3 Online Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye on in 2016

marketing trends 2016

One of the best parts of being in the ‘digital’ space is the agile nature of the industry. Any second, Google can launch a new algorithm update that can send millions of webmasters around the world into chaos! With technology rapidly changing, so do our search habits and the trends in online advertising. Below we look at 3 things that we think that you should keep an eye on in 2016.

According to Google, there are now more searches being performed on mobiles than desktops in 10 countries. This is an increasing trend within itself, but another rising trend that stems from this is the use of Digital Assistants. A Digital Assistant is a voice recognition software that users that ‘speak’ into to ask questions or make commands instead of typing or making a physical action. Some examples are Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Window’s Cortana.

So what impact could these have on search trends? Digital Assistants almost act as the messenger by completely negating search engines and providing the user with a simple answer to their query (or could even take a user to a website directly). The particular software that is being used may use different sources to produce an answer (not just Google); and because of that, the increased use of voice command software may start to have a major impact on SEO. Watch this space!

More and more businesses in New Zealand and around the world are using Instagram to build brand awareness, communities and connect with their audiences on a personal and emotional level. The great thing about it is that businesses of all sizes (from SME’s to BlueChip organisations) can use it cheaply and with ease.

Instagram Ads were launched in late 2015 and there was some negative backlash from users at the time, but some companies have persevered and run some successful campaigns.
With its growing use (400 million users and counting), Instagram Ads will certainly be an online advertising avenue to keep-an-eye-on this year.

The ‘subscription business model’ is nothing new, but the growing trend in the digital world is definitely on the rise. Subscription Ecommerce has been gaining traction overseas over the last few years and is certain to make a splash in New Zealand in 2016.

The premise of online subscription services is simple: customers sign-up to receive a monthly product or service so that the owner receives reoccurring revenue. It seems that you can get a subscription for everything from Coffee to underwear, but some popular examples are the Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox.

Kiwi businesses and entrepreneurs will be looking to get into and grow this space this year, with possible viral explosion potential.

We are sure that other things will pop-up throughout this year as it always does online. What do you think will be trending this year?