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You can’t possibly overestimate the importance of the humble search engine when it comes to helping customers and consumers find and become familiar with your brand. Increasingly, just having a website that represents your business isn’t enough to attract your target market; you need to ensure your site can be found.

Here at Results First, we are the experts. We can effectively optimise your site so that it ranks well with all the major search engines for key phrases relevant to your business. In short, we ensure your website is front and centre when potential clients are searching for the products or services you have to offer.

Proven & ethical SEO techniques that rank you quickly

The process of search engine optimisation has become essential to the online success of any brand or business – nowadays, people are rarely willing to look much further than the first page of their Google search results. Chalk it up to shorter attention spans or the perception that a page one ranking equates to a reputable business; whatever it is, it’s something that you should take advantage of.

At Results First, we have a team of SEO experts working across all facets of your campaign – ensuring each aspect is carried out by a true specialist. We’ll employ our copywriting team to create tailor-made content for your site that is viewed favourably by Google’s search algorithm. Our on-site tech team will improve your website’s code so that it’s most conducive to these algorithms, and our design experts will ensure your copy, coding and other necessary tweaks are all arranged in the best possible way. You’ll end up with an attractive site that’s tailored to improve your rankings and therefore increase website traffic.


Guaranteed results

Many companies looking for high-quality, results-guaranteed search engine optimisation have found that we deliver on our promises. At Results First, we offer all of our clients an industry-leading guarantee: if we don’t have your site ranking on the first page of Google within 90 days, then we work for free until those results come through. It’s that simple, and it’s the reason why we are New Zealand’s leading SEO company. Clients know that we deliver real results.

Are you sick of not making progress when it comes to your search engine page rankings? The team at Results First can deliver a campaign that provides you with the results you need.

Contact one of our digital strategists today to discuss your SEO requirements.


Results First are results first

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