The 4 Big Additions in AdWords Beta Interface

We talked about the new AdWords interface being launched in our July Digital Digest and promised more info to come. Back in March, Google shared on their Inside AdWords blog that they would be rolling out the ‘Beta expansion’ that they had let a small group of advertisers test in November 2016.

There were a few features that they were testing but made it clear that the basics of AdWords would stay the same; bidding, quality score, ranking and ad serving would not change.

So what has changed?

SEM Marketers would have noticed the design and layout changes straight away which will take some getting-used to. Apart from that, there are 4 major features that we think are worth mentioning and taking a look into (if you haven’t already!).

Targeting for Household Income

In the Beta interface, you’re able to target and report on household income for search campaigns. This can be found in the Demographics tab. Previously this could only be done using location targeting so the new addition makes things much easier.

There is a chart at the top that makes it quick and easy to see how your campaigns are performing with different household income segments. This will help you make more informed decisions.

Promotions Extensions have been Added

Click-to-call was added in 2010 but the new Beta update allows you to try and drive even more calls.

The new call bid adjustments give you more ‘control’ of how often call options appear and allows you to increase bids of campaigns that drive valuable phone calls to your website via AdWords.

Read about this more here and here.

New Previews for Ad Extensions

There is a new nifty feature that allows you to see what your ad will look like with all of the various extensions added on (this is not available in the old interface). This means that you can see what your ads will look like in SERPs prior to making them live – with all the bells-and-whistles. Additionally, there’s also been an ‘extensions filter’ added which lets you choose which extensions you want to see (via a checkbox drop down) and also sort them by campaign, account or ad group.

New Audience Targeting Page

There is a new Audiences tab which provides a single place to manage audience targeting and optimisations. With this, there is some new lingo. ‘Target and bid’ is now just called ‘Targeting’ and ‘Bid only’ is now called ‘Observations’.

Search Engine Land is stating that more inclusions will be rolled out in time, so keep your eyes peeled! Have you tested out any of the above points? If so let us know. And of course, if you need help with AdWords or anything else online marketing related, get in touch with the team.