Simple Tips for Email Marketing Campaigns


How many emails do you receive each day? How many do you open? Read?

There are a lot of stats that get thrown around but some sources report that 90% of people check their inbox at least once a day, and there are billions of emails sent and received everyday day. So how do you make your EDMs stand out (electronic direct marketing, not electronic dance music!) stand out? We have put together some quick tips to help with your email marketing strategy.

First things first, the title or subject line that appears in the inbox- without this the content of the email is irrelevant if it doesn’t get read. This is the line that can draw reads in or get them reaching for the Trash button.

Keep it simple but engaging. Include an offer, deal or incentive if possible.

Which of the below would you click on if you received an email from Results First?

Results First Newsletter

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The second title really piques my interest!

Frequency can be a very important factor when it comes to EDMs. It’s important not to send your contacts too many emails. Ensure you’re only sending material out that will be of interest and isn’t so often that it may be viewed as spam.

This point goes further than just addressing the email to the recipients name. Organise your database into groups and send targeting emails accordingly. For example, a message that you would send a current client or customer would most likely be different to someone that you would like to do business with you. Unlike most other forms of marketing, the email medium allows you to send unique messages, deals and specials to different kinds of contacts – so make the most of it!

The above points are just a guide but this one is a given – always ensure you have an unsubscribe option. If not, you could breach anti-spam acts and be fined. No one wants a little email to land them in hot water.

There are many factors that go into successful EDMs (such as the design, the content, the tools/ platforms used etc). If you’d like some advice (or would like to subscribe to the Results First database to receive our witty and informative emails) get in contact today!