The Top 3 Online Marketing Trends for 2018

Though we tend to slacken off with our diets and fitness regimes over the holiday season, your business is one thing that needs to get into shape. With the new year quickly creeping up, it’s important to look at ways to introduce new marketing streams into your business strategy according to the latest trends. Failing to do this may leave you lagging behind your competitors once 2018 hits.
To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the top online marketing trends expected to dominate next year. Have a read, jot down notes and make sure you’re on top of your business game by the time 2018 rolls around.

1. Personalisation

In a world where we typically conduct most of our interactions via digital screens, it’s understandable that consumers are starting to yearn for a bit of a personal touch. As such, personalised user journeys and customer experiences are gaining plenty of traction in marketing. While website personalisation has been widely used within the transactional ecommerce sector for a while now, this trend is also starting to trickle into content and even analytics. Much of this is due to the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, which is paving the way for more sectors to leverage the benefits of website personalisation services. At the crux of it, personalised messages drive better performance: they create communication that fits each customer’s individual needs, which in turn inspires them to engage with your business.

2. Micro-moments

The power of the micro-moment has catapulted ahead in recent times, with more and more digital users instantly reaching out for their phones to conduct research and make transactions. We’ve come to expect immediate answers in the moments we want to know, go, do or buy, and businesses need to wholeheartedly embrace this transition in customer behaviour. How so? Well, in order to best cater for these audiences, businesses need to provide useful, quick and one-touch access to the information their consumers are searching for. By correctly anticipating and addressing precise micro-moment needs, businesses can start to forge stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers.

3. Video marketing

Video fuses the best of both worlds when it comes to communication: words and imagery. As such, this is a highly attractive medium for online consumers to engage with. Plenty of businesses have already recognised this and subsequently seized the opportunity to gift their audiences visually-rich and interactive messages that depict a total brand story. If you’re yet to do so, you risk falling behind your competitors. Given that users are much more likely to like and share videos, this marketing vehicle is definitely one to jump aboard next year.

Make sure your business is prepped and primed for the latest marketing trends and you’ll be able to reap the benefits in 2018.