Everything You Need To Know About A Landing Page

Questions: Am I falling? Did I jump? How does one land on a page?

Answers: No, hopefully your sales are rising. No, you took sound, considered advice to create a landing page. Generally they will click on your targeted and attractive Google AdWords ad.

First off, a landing page is a specific web page designed for a distinct outcome. Isolated from the main website or home page, it controls the choices for users, driving them towards a targeted goal.

Example landing page:

Why use a landing page?

Kristina Trood, General Manager at Results First – a full service digital agency in New Zealand – has said, at the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line.

“We have found with experience, clients that utilise landing pages well for AdWords have a higher conversion rate and greater return on their marketing investment,’’ she said.

Google’s statistic shows 40-60% of visitors leave content-based websites within the first few seconds, without further brand engagement. A well-deigned, simplistic and clear landing page will prompt users to interact and convert them into customers.

What’s in a landing page?

The bare minimum. You need to be message-focused, and consistent with the ad that gained the user’s click. It all comes down to problem solving.


Daphanie has a problem, her car has broken down in the driveway. She needs it to go on a road trip tomorrow. Daphanie asks Google to help: “Mobile mechanic in Manukau”.

Piri is a mechanic. While his shop and performance cars is his core business, he can operate in a mobile capacity. His AdWords campaign manager has done well. Bidding on all three of the key words mechanic, Manukau and mobile.

The first ad that comes up on Daphanie’s iPhone is Piri’s mobile mechanic. The ad says, “We come to you, same day.” She clicks the ad.Here’s where a landing page comes in and here are three ways this scenario can play out.

1) Piri doesn’t have a landing page. Daphanie ends up on the main webpage. All she sees is stuff about turbos and modifications. She’s gone within 20 seconds.

2) Piri has a landing page, but it is cluttered with too many options. Persevering Daphanie finds the mobile button link but it takes her to a long form, which want her name, address, registration and details like chassis number. It’s back to Google.

3) Piri has a well-designed landing page. It has his brand, his phone number at the top and three buttons listed as; modifications, service and mobile. Daphanie clicks on mobile and the button changes to a clickable phone number, with a message saying “give us a call and we’ll be under your hood in no time.” Daphanie presses the call button.

4 top tips for creating a successful landing page

1) Know your audience: Think about the demographic that will be using the target phrase and design a page that appeals to them. Example, if you are a cosmetic surgeon, your main website may appeal mainly to a female audience. However if you have the target phrase “peck implants” in AdWords, your landing page should appeal to men through images and messaging.

2) Ensure there is relevant content: Short and sharp will outperform long-winded – while you can always link to more informative pages. The content should always be consistent for the reason to visit, which is namely the keywords and AdWords copy.

3) Solve the problem with your call to action: Ensure that it’s easy for users to complete the desired action. This is achieved by a strong and clear call to action. Your solution is also your desired outcome i.e. purchase an item, fill out a short lead capture form, request a quote, pick up the phone, signup for a newsletter or a subscription.

4) Include an offer: If this is a possibility, people always like to feel they are receiving a special offer, a landing page can promote an offer more effectively than a small space on a home page.

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