Work Smarter, Not Harder!

“I love my job, I just wished there was less of it.”
Max Schireson, CEO of MongoDB.

Most of us would concur that we have too much work and not enough time to do it all in. Folk are expected to do more in less time with less resources – yet somehow cough up a better product at the end of it all. It’s madness, you say!

Sadly, no one has the ability to change the number of hours in a day but we can maximise the quality of the work undertaken within the confines of our ordinary working hours.
So how exactly can we work smarter and accomplish more? Here are a 7 ingenious suggestions for raising your own level of productivity.

1 – Stop Multitasking
You always knew it deep down, multitasking is actually impossible. Focus on each task individually to get a job done properly.

2 – Take a Break
When you start losing interest and turn to procrastination hubs like Reddit and Buzzfeed, take a rest. Get up and walk around, grab a coffee, and reset your attention. Your mind and body will feel energised and you’ll be more productive.

3 – Skip the Meetings
Yawn. Is this really necessary? Instead of idling behind a table worrying about everything else you ought to be doing, try politely declining or suggesting a 5-minute phone call instead.

4 – Organise Your Desk
Sifting through the junk when you’re looking for your pen/notepad/delicious snack is not productive.

5 – Pick up the Phone
It may be so year 2000, but picking up the phone to clear an issue is far more effective than playing email bat and ball.

6 – Embrace ninja keyboard shortcuts
Navigate your computer quickly, save time and look like a pro while you’re at it.

7 – Automate
From automation add-ons for your browser to automated accounting programs, the world is rife with life-hacks that help you spend time on the more important things.

It’s not about the time you clock out of the building, it’s about how you’ve used the hours you’ve been given. Humans are creatures of habit but with simple changes, you can achieve big results.